...wait, what?!

"You see, Shuppet feeds off of negative emotions. And Shuppy here has been an extra-good boy recently, so I thought I'd give him a little treat! I'm sure the teams will be back to normal as soon as he eats up all that anger."

You stand there, dumbfounded and completely speechless. So that was the point of all this work? That was the ulterior motive behind this citywide rampage? As you process this, Giovanni starts making baby talk at the Shuppet.

Noticing your expression, he asks with a frown, "Hm? Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing at all! See you tomorrow, boss." you hastily respond, turning around and walking out the door.

* * *

...well, that's that. So you didn't quite orchestrate a strategic destabilization of regional forces for nefarious world domination purposes. But you did feed a happy Shuppet! And tomorrow, the sun will still shine and the leaves will still float along the gentle morning breeze, and the world will still be the same glorious world to explore.

And maybe that's all that matters?

At last, the moment you've been waiting for! You enter Giovanni's top-floor executive office and find him working at his desk, a Shuppet floating around the room above him. Giovanni looks up from his desk, and you're sure you sense approval in his eyes.

"So, boss, it's done!"

"Excellent!", he replies. "Now, come, take a look out this window." You peek through the curtains at the chaos that has erupted on the streets. "If you look carefully, you'll notice something—the teams' tactics you learned earlier seem to have something more to them."

You respond: "So, what next? Will this help us break apart the teams so we can take them on individually? Or are we going to let them weaken each other so we can take over in the chaos?" You pause, waiting for him to reveal his master plan...

"RUN RIOT, eh? I like the sound of that!" Spark flashes you a grin. "Maybe it's time to remind Candela how we deal with things around here!"

You've gained the trust of Spark! He seems to be fretting about Candela. Go strike while the iron's hot!

"BLAST AC? That is certainly one way to resolve our problem." Blanche considers your proposition for a moment. "Very well. We shall relax in the cool air while we forcibly destroy their power supply."

You've gained the trust of Blanche! Looks like she's a little concerned about Spark. Go cause some friction!

"INFER NO? Well, if they're gonna keep up this frosty facade, maybe I'll have to melt right through it." Candela nods at you. "Thanks. It's time Blanche felt some heat."

You've gained the trust of Candela! She appears kind of upset at Blanche. Go give her some unhelpful advice!

Oh, of course, ROCKETEERING! You reach into your backpack to make sure your Rocket uniform's still neatly folded in there, while Giovanni continues to talk over the phone.

"...foster mutual distrust between the three Teams' leaders, leading to an unprecedented shift in power dynamics. You got all that?" He doesn't wait for a reply. "Of course, you'll need to gain an audience with the leaders first. See if you can infiltrate their teams and help out their lackeys. I have a feeling they'll be interested in a newly recruited upstart who can help them solve Puzzléstops... from what I've observed, they're rather lacking in that department."

Well, looks like the time's finally come! It's now or never, so get your uniform on and get out there!

You're having fun walking in all directions across the city grid, when suddenly your phone rings! You straighten up as you hear the unmistakable voice of your team leader themselves.

"Hope your preparation's going well, agent. Remember that this is a game of strategy and territory, and it's only through strategy that man has been able to triumph over machine. Get ready for the alpha stage of your mission!"

Oh, right, your mission. Um, what were you supposed to be doing again?

It's another cool, bright day out, perfect for traipsing around the neighborhood. As you pack your team attire into your backpack, you make a note of all the places you plan to hit up for the day. Maybe today's the day your hard work will finally earn your team leader's attention!

As you step out and turn the corner, a group of Puzzléstops peeks into view. Well, best get going—the other teams' members aren't going to wait up!

0.492 Release Notes

  • Added support for Team Play in groups of up to 6
  • Increased size of map area shown
  • Puzzléstops are now present within game, allowing players to solve puzzles
  • Team leaders can now contact players at certain milestones to assign missions
  • Various bugfixes