METAMETA: A Turn For The Worse

At last, the moment you've been waiting for! You enter Giovanni's top-floor executive office and find him working at his desk, a Shuppet floating around the room above him. Giovanni looks up from his desk, and you're sure you sense approval in his eyes.

"So, boss, it's done!"

"Excellent!", he replies. "Now, come, take a look out this window." You peek through the curtains at the chaos that has erupted on the streets. "If you look carefully, you'll notice something—the teams' tactics you learned earlier seem to have something more to them."


You respond: "So, what next? Will this help us break apart the teams so we can take them on individually? Or are we going to let them weaken each other so we can take over in the chaos?" You pause, waiting for him to reveal his master plan.

He laughs, idly petting the Shuppet now sitting in his lap. "Actually, the purpose behind all this was far simpler. We caused all this malice to..."

Note: this puzzle uses the icons on the map. They're very small, so they've been reproduced here in full size. (These icons being here is not relevant to this puzzle.)