Indirect Anagrams

Traitor's jazzy wildlife observation expedition (5)
Outrageously crazy sort: show of disapproval (4)
Muddy animal to mix quick punch (3)
Salmon bent feather pen (4)
Eighty-one or zero, perhaps, absurd animals with humps (6)
Venomous creatures are twisted, the most frightening (7)
Empty out crazy platonic solid (5)
Nightclub offering wacky Bohemian dance (5)
Apple, for example, broke old record (5)
Not able to be reduced: cooked beehive, for example (6)
Appraise silly belly button (5)
Guy, perhaps, is oddly not alive (5)
Region of crude design on a car, perhaps (5)
Assassin of Doctor Pulse (6)
Pest busted shaping tool (6)
Half-wits' insane request (6)
Simpson's or St. Petersburg's complex green light (7)