If You Give...

...your (A, B), he'll appreciate the opportunity to relax. After all, he and your aunt have been taking care of you 24/7 while your parents have been away.

...(C, D), he'll probably have trouble convincing Aunt Polly to let him keep it. But if she does, maybe he and Huck can become birdkeepers one day.

...a (E, F), he'll probably love spending time in it. He'll tell you something like, "Duuude! Thank you so much, this man cave is super sick!"

...a (G, H), he'll try it on. If it's the right size for his body, he'll wear it regularly, at least when it's warm enough for short sleeves.

...(I, J), I'll probably be confused. "Did you find this in a tree somewhere?" I might ask you. "Why are you stealing from birds? Go put it back!"

...a (K, L), it'll probably ask you to pour it into its water bowl. Then it'll lap it up. It might complain about the fizziness or the bitterness, though.

...a (M, N), it'll probably be in pain. It might even be poisoned. If the mother ewe is nearby, she might become aggressive towards you.

...(O, P), she'll want to call or text her friends to hang out. She'll probably start spending even less time around Stewie and Chris.

...(Q, R), you might find that you like it more than AGT or Voice. You might even decide to audition yourself!

...your (S, T), you’ll have a pretty unique hairstyle. Those waves and those bleached white locks will definitely stand out in a crowd.

A5 D2 K3 T4 E3 R2 J3 C2 G3 N5 M4 Q1 S3 F1 B3 I2 L4 O3 P2 H1