Ancient legends always seem to contain the same descriptions.

This mage is known for an ultimate that summons a fiery unit and can stun enemies in an area. (1)

This character has a first ability that lets it throw a bomb; its name ends in "ki". (1)

This tree person has an ultimate that ensnares enemies in an area. (2)

This character has six legs in total and fires off in a cone area. (5)

This melee character can blink and create a shield against magic damage. It also passively has extra magic resistance. (6)

This melee character in blue armor, whose name starts with an S, can stun a target from a distance with its point-and-click basic ability. (2)

This arrow-firing, non-human marksman has a basic ability that grants relatively long invisibility along with extra movement speed. (4)

This four-legged creature with a humanoid upper body can cleave nearby enemies with its basic ability. (5)

This character shares its name exactly with one of the 88 constellations. (4)