Team Constructed Adventures


Rank: 146
Puzzles solved: 19

Team Members:

ChrispyK, PuzzleDrifter, Midnight O, OsleyaKomWonkru
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Opening Ceremony 0 44m58s
Now I Know My 🐝🐝🐝s 1 4h17m
If You Give... 0 1h38m
Kids These Days 0 14h14m
Connections 0 13h59m
Natural Order 0 2h58m
Continuity 0 3h50m
Quick Fix 1 52h50m
Medal Ceremony 2 26h17m
META: Getting Going 6 23h9m
Δ 2 3h12m
I See! 0 22h15m
Minute Details 3 21h34m
Only Geniuses Can Solve This Puzzle!! 1 2h49m
White as a Sheet 16 56h30m
🤝 0 26h20m
Six Feet Under 0 91h4m
Drop The Cube 2 100h32m
Audit Instance 0 8h38m