Rank: 26
Puzzles solved: 33

Team Members:

Dan, Pichu, Brian, Spec, Vee
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Opening Ceremony 0 18m50s
Now I Know My 🐝🐝🐝s 1 8m49s
Quick Fix 0 51m29s
If You Give... 0 37m49s
Kids These Days 1 1h48m
Natural Order 0 33m31s
Harmony 2 1h38m
Chimera 0 1h13m
Medal Ceremony 0 2h21m
META: Getting Going 0 2h47m
I See! 0 55m49s
Minute Details 0 1h22m
White as a Sheet 0 3h18m
Only Geniuses Can Solve This Puzzle!! 0 27m41s
Indirect Anagrams 0 3h1m
🤝 0 25m29s
Cyclic 0 59m23s
Six Feet Under 0 17h33m
Δ 1 22h50m
Composition 0 1h33m
Audit Instance 0 18h10m
Card Sharks 0 3h28m
RED SUS 3 47h12m
Overdone 1 2h0m
Drop The Cube 1 54h46m
META: Blanche's Social Instinct 6 1h56m
Straight From The Headlines 0 10h11m
The Minimeta That Goes Wrong 4 39h21m
META: Candela's Mystic Correspondence 1 12h1m
A Lot of Research into Things That Have Very Little Meaning 0 45h27m
Whole New Ball Game 2 16h48m
META: Spark's Stolen Valor 6 6h52m
METAMETA: A Turn For The Worse 1 16h24m