1 Billion Puzzles vs 1 of Every Pokemon


Rank: 51
Puzzles solved: 38

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First of all, we know that Alakazam has 5000 IQ. So Alakazam can definitely big brain a lot of puzzles. Then we know that both Celebi and Dialga can time travel, so they can just travel forward in time to when solutions are released and bring the answers to the present. Finally, a Speed Forme Deoxys plus a Machamp should be abe to move fast enough to type all the answers into the answer checker. The Pokemon should win this easily.
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Quick Fix 0 51m9s
Now I Know My 🐝🐝🐝s 0 22m4s
If You Give... 0 33m40s
Kids These Days 0 1h53m
Harmony 3 46m6s
Natural Order 4 50m16s
Continuity 0 41m43s
Medal Ceremony 0 1h16m
META: Getting Going 7 55m32s
Δ 0 2h36m
I See! 2 3h41m
Indirect Anagrams 1 54m5s
Only Geniuses Can Solve This Puzzle!! 0 19m32s
White as a Sheet 8 6h1m
🤝 3 43m52s
Cyclic 7 46m54s
Minute Details 1 23h6m
Drop The Cube 2 45h16m
Composition 0 2h9m
A Lot of Research into Things That Have Very Little Meaning 1 1h59m
Card Sharks 9 5h2m
RED SUS 1 52h21m
Overdone 5 15h41m
Audit Instance 7 52h34m
The Minimeta That Goes Wrong 5 21h4m
Six Feet Under 5 101h43m
META: Candela's Mystic Correspondence 8 59h37m
META: Blanche's Social Instinct 9 75h55m
Straight From The Headlines 10 53h17m
Re-actions 13 121h4m
META: Spark's Stolen Valor 13 66h48m
METAMETA: A Turn For The Worse 1 3h51m
Opening Ceremony 0 177h59m
Color-Coded 2 178h30m
Connections 5 181h40m
Whole New Ball Game 12 114h23m
⭐ Alliance 17 150h22m
Chimera 8 212h28m